​Price List: 

Women  $42
Men  $28
Kids  $22
Add Cut to Color Service  $30+

(Wash, conditioning treatment and head massage included)

Solid Color (one color)  $90+
Partial Weave (top and sides)  $105+

Full Head Weave  $125+
Balayage (with no color on roots)  $130+ 
Balayage, Ombre/Melt with root color  $150+
Root Touch Up (one color) 85+
Double Process or Color Correction $125 + $50/hr
Men's Color $65+
Add Extra Color/Toner/Gloss  $25+

(Wash, conditioning treatment and head massage included)

Hair Styling and Other Services:
Shampoo and Blow Dry Style $35+
Curls/dry style  $30+
Updo  $45+
Olaplex Treatment $60+
Add Olaplex Treatment to Cut or Cut & Color $25+
Deep Conditioning Treatment $60+

Add Deep Conditioning Treatment to Cut or Cut & Color Service $25+
Scalp Treatment $60+
Add Scalp Treatment to Cut $25+
Scalp Treatment, Olaplex Treatment, & Deep conditioning Treatment $75+

 **Prices are "starting at" and depend on the length, thickness, and condition of your hair. The best way to determine your pricing and what services are right for you will be to have an in person one on one consultation. 

Contact info:

Sunda Holbrook 




Sunda Holbrook

Sunda has a great love and passion for hairstyling and is a Healthy Hair Specialist.

From the young age of 14 when she had her first "actual paying hair 'gig'!" she decided this was what she wanted do with her life! -Create art that makes people feel beautiful! She is an artist, usually with paints and other mediums but with hair it is a whole new creative outlet. She believes there is a gratification that comes with doing hair that you cannot get from any other art form. You will truly get an individualized, personalized, hairstyle that fits you and what you want with someone who takes the time to listen, and not just deliver cookie-cutter work. Every style is a piece of artwork.

She has over 14 years of hair experience and got her education at Bon Losee Academy of Hair Artistry. In school she was on the elite Design Team that traveled to special venues styling hair for various events, competing in competitions, and doing charity work like haircuts and styling for the local Special Olympics. She was also a part of the 'Loft' -a small group of students considered to be advanced in techniques- who worked in a separate loft area in the student salon at a higher price point.

Onsite hair for photo shoots or bridal parties is available depending on scheduling, and is always very fun and inspiring for her to do. She is also inspired by fashion, nature, movies (Tim Burton movies especially), and art (Van Gogh is her favorite artist).  Sunda is always up for a challenge or adventure! (She won the Halloween competition at Hair school (a little Tim Burton coming out?).

Sunda has worked at Peerless Beauty Supply, giving her great product knowledge and customer service skills so she is able to address the needs of her client’s hair and recommend what they need. Working at Peerless also gave her the opportunity to work the large trade shows they put on that had days of education, proving the importance of staying up on your classes, which she loves to do, learning the newest and best techniques.

Sunda specializes in (healthy hair of course!) cuts, all cuts long and short, men's and women's, she LOVES to cut!  And she will listen to you, so “not too much off” if that's what you want, that’s what you’ll get. And she knows when to use a razor and when not to, and HOW.  She knows how to texturize hair to make it feel lighter or give body in the right places. A good cut can make all the difference-if you don't agree-you haven't had one yet!  

Sunda also specializes in cut and color combinations. She loves doing natural looking colors and highlights like balayage, soft ombres, beach-y highlights, and beautiful natural varying highlights that look like you did when you were a kid! While coloring and lightening she is able to limit and prevent damage by combining technique and some unique products, and in most cases actually improve the condition of the hair afterwards.

Back at the shampoo bowl, one of Sunda's true talents shines, and it keeps her clients coming back for more and more. She gives a fantastic head massage! The best part of your hair appointment is that shampoo, right? Why have it only be a few minutes of wash and go? You need to take that time to really relax and get pampered and let the stress of the day melt away. Let that deep condition sit on your hair and soak in while magic fingers relieve your stress. Really! Her clients are the ones who have brought this to her attention telling her this is one of the reasons they will never leave her. 

As a Healthy Hair Specialist Sunda offers Olaplex, a bond re-connector, as a service to help maintain the integrity of her client’s hair, which is so important to her, that she uses a deep conditioner on all her clients back at the shampoo bowl included in their appointment to help their hair stay beautiful and in a good state. She also uses Monat, an anti-aging, non-toxic, and vegan (Leaping Bunny Certified!) line of naturally based products, to help with the health of her client’s hair. Sunda believes these products are truly the best on the market; let her educate you all about them! Knowledge of products and their usage will be provided for at home maintenance. Deep Conditioning Treatments with extra protein and moisture and shine, whatever your hair needs, (consultation is best for finding this out) and the extra massage that comes with them, are available at an additional charge. As well as the revolutionary Olaplex Treatment NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Because of her artist background, and some of her adventurous and hip clients, Sunda has become known for doing some very fun "fashion colors" as well as "edgy" cuts and these are very exciting to her also! She has mastered all of the new cool men's trends. And if you want your David Beckham cut mint green she can do it (and has!) And if you want your cool asymmetrical jagged bob haircut to be navy blue fading into baby blue, she can do that too.   

Sunda has done hair professionally in salons in Hawaii, Draper, and downtown SLC, but her favorite is her salon of over 8 years and where she currently preforms her hair works of art, at C Hardy & Co Salon. You will not find a salon out there with better "vibes".  There is no cattiness, judgement, and gossip, to be found like the regular salon environment; you'll be welcomed to a relaxed feel with smiling friendly staff. Sunda prides herself on being one of those smiling faces, and her clients say she is very easy to talk to, comfortable to be around, and to let her know exactly what you're looking for with your hairstyle. She loves new clients and especially client referrals and can't wait to set up a consultation with you!

Sunda loves sushi, painting, hiking, reading, working in her vegetable garden, spending time with her 2 little boys and husband, going on big family vacations, travel (and hopes to keep traveling to as many places as she can) and is all about clean eating.  She grew up moving a lot and has lived in California, Ohio, Washington State, Minnesota, Hawaii, and Utah. She considers herself from Ohio, though she has strong family roots in Utah, and Utah is home now. 

Sunda uses All Nutrient Haircolor as well as Redken Shades EQ
Product lines used are Monat and Olaplex