Chelsa Vaun

Curly cut, style and education
Cutting straight hair is easy but cutting curly locks takes special skill.
1. I will start by cutting hair dry wich will allow me to see how each individual
curl will react when it is released from weight. Will it be curlier or be more
relaxed? This allows me to carve the curl to create an amazing shape for the
face. When the hair is cut wet I cannot see how much curl will spring up but
when it is dry it takes the guess work out of it in action.
2. Then you will be shown the 3 simple steps to cleanse, hydrate and define.
No matter your curl swavy, wavy, boticelli, or corkscrew doing the 3 steps will
guarantee naturally gorgeous and frizz free hair. And if your hair is extremely
dehydrated I will use my special blend of oils to deeply hydrate, nourish and
control the frizz. This special blend will give you control of your hair
emmediately and will last for a very long time.
3. Expect to spend an hour and a half for this service. The price is $60.00. With
the education and cutting your hair the way a curly cut should be done,the
shape of your cut will last 3 months before you will have to get it shaped
Call Chelsa Vaun to book an appointment 801-577-2225 . I work friday and
saturday at this location in bountiful.