~Women’s Cut & Style           $35

~Men’s Cut & Style               $20

~Full Color                           $55 & up

~Color Weaves                      $75 & up

~Perm, Cut & Style               $60 and up

~Deep Condition                   $10Type your paragraph here.



I have been a Stylist in the bountiful area for the past 37 years. These past 17 years I have been at C. Hardy & Co. and have enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoy working in the salon with my younger co-worker.

My clientele mainly consists of men and women about 60 years and up. I also like working with clients that have disabilities, Alzheimer’s or any other affliction they may have.

            I am semi retired but I still love to come into the salon and see my clients who have been with me for so many years. My current schedule is Wednesdays, Fridays, every other Saturday and the occasional Monday if someone is in need of an appointment. I always do my best to work clients in.

If you can’t find me at the salon you most likely will find me at one of my 11 grandchildren’s events. They all compete in a variety of sports including Mt. biking, Soccer, Cheerleading, Lacrosse, Baseball, Rodeo, Barrel Racing, Rodeo Queen Contests and Motocross just to name a few. I also have a little dog named Cooper who is my buddy. He loves getting out and going for walks or rides in the car. .